Ante Litem Notice

Prior to filing a case against a City, County, State, whatever, you must provide them notice, and give them a chance to investigate, and if they believe that you have a chance against them, they have the right to attempt to settle with you.  That way the newpapers, and other media don’t get the opportunity to drag out the dirty laundry.supreme-court-detail-file-2013-reuters-gary-cameron_slider







I state DeKalb County Sux, but have not really specified what the County sux at.

Therefore, I am dedicating this page for what the County Sux at.

Have you ever tried to alert a County entity to a health hazard?

To begin with, we have lived in our house for twenty (20) years.  During the entire time, the house next door had been vacant, until just recently.  The idiot that owns the property had been living at his parents house all these years.  Their house was paid off, and much nicer than the uninhabitable, less than 800 square foot house on less than 1/6 acre next door.

Anyway, the idiot didn’t pay the County taxes on either house, for three years.  They sold the one where he was living to satisfy the back taxes.  The entity who bought the property, waited the required year, then threw him out.  At one point during the time in which the property was taken for taxes, the idiot took out a loan to pay the tax bill off, and well… he decided to get high with the money, and blew it all on drugs.  Therefore there was also a healthy lien on the property for that as well.

There are four houses in a row, built in 1940, and have septic systems, rather than being on County sewers.  We checked with the County several years ago, to see if we could get sewer service, and they told us no, the sewer is too far away.

So the septic system in our house has been updated several times over the years.  Robert’s house next door, has never been updated.  Installed in 1940, the original system.  He buried an LP tank on top of the tank, then added 4-5 feet of crush and run (gravel) and dirt on top of that.  Anyone with any sense knows that the crush and run and extra dirt alone, were enough to cause the tank to collapse.  When he had the gravel brought in, many  years ago, the truck drove all over the field lines, and they were crushed.

A septic tank like the ones installed here, were only good for something like 20 years.  His tank and system is 73 years old.  No one in their right mind can believe that since no one lived in the house from 1987, until 55 days ago, and it is now May 15, 2013, that the tank will still be in good working condition.

We contacted the County and asked that the tank be certified, to keep an unhealthy hazard from arising.  They said that they don’t do that.  So, we contacted the EPA, who said that they plan to wait until the system fails.  The EPD  said the same thing.  We were told to contact Code Enforcement.  Code Enforcement said that they only have jurisdiction over things they can see, like grass, trash in the yard, etc.  So, we contacted the watershed people, as they are supposed to protect ground water and drinking water.  Nope, they don’t do anything like that either.  The Board of Health was even worse in their attitude.

You can review on the County website, how if you even think there is a problem with a septic system, you are legally required to contact the Board of Health and alert them to the situation.  The information on the website tells of all these horrible diseases that you can get from a failed septic system.

Anyway, we realized that the house also did not have water.  So we thought that there may be a way to get everything inspected because the man has been using the outdoors to poop and urinate.  Nope, County didn’t care.  The man had sold all the copper water pipe in his house years ago.  Anyway, if new water pipes are run from the meter to the house, that has to be permitted.  So, when the man got around to running the pipes from the meter to the house, we contacted the County because he did not obtain a permit.  I even sent them pictures, and yea, they came out and checked.  They did nothing, even though there is a huge trench dug, and the pipes lying beside it.

On our complaint that the man has been defacating outside, we were told that we were wrong, that the Board of Health came and looked, and saw no signs of such.  The Board of Health could not notice all the little spots that had been recently dug up and covered back up.  Like little hills here and there, they could not see that?  Bullshit!

So this man, has gone all over the less than 1/6 acre, shit on almost every inch of it, covered it up with fresh dirt.  He has pissed over probably every square inch by now.  All of the dirt over there is heavily contaminated, and we are on a hill, his house has a huge culvert running alongside of it, which goes down to a stream down the  street.

There goes the ground water and drinking water in the area.  Just wait till he begins using the toxic septic system.  The man does not have the money to repair the system, and the County don’t give a flying fuck about the health hazard.





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