Info on IRS: why Citizens Don’t Owe

This is taken from a webpage of a friend of mine James Krage of Some of the links may not work, I have not tried them all, and some of the information is a few years old, but the truth then, continues to be the truth now… So here ya go… Site created by […]

Ted Nugent Concert Protested, Boycott Called For

Ted Nugent Concert Protested, Boycott Called For Posted at 10:00 am on July 3, 2018 by Tom Knighton Ted Nugent is someone that doesn’t back down. An avid shooter and hunter for years, the rock legend has maintained his position in the face of opposition for years now. Once upon a time, that was […]

Soros Gives $61 Million to Media Groups Promoting Clinton

Soros Gives $61 Million to Media Groups Promoting Clinton’s Liberal Agenda By Alatheia Nielsen | October 20, 2016 | 1:34 PM EDT As U.S. citizens prepare to select the next president, one liberal donor spent more than $103 million on media over the last 14 years to promote his own progressive agenda. Liberal billionaire […]

Bill Clinton’s Unforgivable Sin: Tells Truth about ObamaCare!

Truth in Politics sounds like an oxy-moron.  That is what Bill sounded like the other night. By John Lillpop —— Bio and Archives October 6, 2016 Former President and disgraced perjurer Bill Clinton, the second most prolific congenital liar in the Clinton household, was recently caught in a boo-boo of epic proportions in this, […]