Tommy Robinson – Trump’s Ambassador Lobbied Britain on behlaf of Jailed Tommy Robinson Trump’s ambassador lobbied Britain on behalf of jailed right-wing activist Tommy Robinson Mark Hosenball LONDON (Reuters) – Sam Brownback, the U.S. Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, complained to the British ambassador in Washington D.C. about the treatment of an English right-wing activist who is in jail for disrupting a trial, according to three […]

American Medical Association goes all-in for gun control, turning doctors into police state enforcers

American Medical Association goes all-in for gun control, turning doctors into police state enforcers By Lance D Johnson The American Medical Association (AMA) is a powerful organization that defines medical education and medical practice in the U.S. The organization creates policies for all physicians to follow and they can threaten a doctor’s medical license […]

Washington Secrecy is Creating a Know-Nothing Democracy; written by james bovard thursday may 10, 2018

Washington Secrecy is Creating a Know-Nothing Democracy written by james bovard thursday may 10, 2018 Washington may be more secretive nowadays than at any time in recent decades. Federal policymakers have become accustomed to rationing what they release while citizens are assured that official secrecy makes them more secure. But American democracy cannot survive […]

Seattle Voids Criminal Records for Pot Convictions, Giving People a Second Chance

Seattle Voids Criminal Records for Pot Convictions, Giving People a Second Chance By Editor April 30, 201  Seattle is making a landmark move to wipe out decades of marijuana possession convictions effectively giving a second chance to hundreds of people whose lives were ruined by the drug war. By Matt Agorist All too often, […]

From Our Friends @ LivingLies Weblog: Wells Fargo “Lending” Securities It Didn’t Own

Wells Fargo “Lending” Securities It Didn’t Own Posted on March 28, 2018 by Neil Garfield Translation: WFB was the “custodian” of alleged “mortgage-backed” certificates issued for the benefit of investors who paid billions of dollars for ownership of the certificates. WFB “Loaned” those alleged securities to brokers. The brokers in exchange provided “collateral” the […]


Seen on Arlin Report Published: March 5, 2017 SOURCE: MICHAEL SNYDER, ECONOMIC COLLAPSE BLOG Big Brother Spying – Public Domain The mainstream media is all in an uproar over Donald Trump’s claim that Barack Obama personally ordered the phones in Trump Tower to be “wiretapped” just before the election. But nobody should really […]

Theft of Credit for Written Documents: Tonia Simmonsia Has Been Taking Credit on Scribd For Documents I Wrote!

I have around 180 documents I have written, posted on a website, in order to assist pro se litigants looking for examples of how to write specific documents.  The website is: I had posted the documents there, and have hoped that people would find them useful.  Over the years, I have been contacted by […]

Why the Assignment from FDIC to Chase from Failed Bank WaMu, is a Fictional Document

My argument against Chase’s fictionial assignment from failed bank WaMu.  I researched the issue, and I assure you that all caselaw is impeccable.  So, if you have had Chase claiming that they got your loan from FDIC, or that FDIC assigned the loan to them, your argument is below.  In GA you cannot challenge the […]

Soros Gives $61 Million to Media Groups Promoting Clinton

Soros Gives $61 Million to Media Groups Promoting Clinton’s Liberal Agenda By Alatheia Nielsen | October 20, 2016 | 1:34 PM EDT As U.S. citizens prepare to select the next president, one liberal donor spent more than $103 million on media over the last 14 years to promote his own progressive agenda. Liberal billionaire […]

Office Depot Memorial Drive Stone Mountain, GA 3-4 Hours to Make a Copy

Office Depot Acting Like Idiots   Have you ever been to Office Depot, where everyone wants to act like an idiot? I sent someone to Office Depot today.  All he needed was three cover sheets printed onto 50-65# card stock.  He knows nothing about these things, and is from another country. Anyway, the idiots in there […]