Info on IRS: why Citizens Don’t Owe

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Some of the links may not work, I have not tried them all, and some of the information is a few years old, but the truth then, continues to be the truth now… So here ya go…

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Info on IRS: why Citizens Don’t Owe

For the sovereign People:
If you saw the “60 Minutes II” broadcast of April 3, 2001, you understood that the average US Citizen did not pay Income Taxes before WWII. “60 Minutes II” showed that,in 1942, Congress passed the Victory Tax Act of 1942 to ask Citizens to “Volunteer” to pay what they didn’t owe, to help us win the war. They showed that the IRS even got Disney to make a Donald Duck Cartoon to convince People to Volunteer. 60 Minutes stated that the Act was to be repealed after the War, but it wasn’t. IRS Commissioners have repeatedly stated that we have the best Voluntary Tax System ever. It’s purely Voluntary. Many Citizens have stopped volunteering. Not one dime of IRS money goes to the US Gov’t, according to Reagan’s Grace Commission: it all goes to pay interest on a bogus debt to the Federal Reserve (FED) , just to allow paper money to circulate as “Federal Reserve Notes”. Kennedy was the first to issue $2 “US Notes”, which charged us no interest, but he got killed (wonder why?), and the first Presidential Order that LBJ implemented was to stop the US Notes (and continue the Interest Payments to the FED)!!! The FED is unconstitutional, but as long as suckers pay the IRS, the Vampires will suck up your money, too. The FED is a private corporation headed by the Rockefellers, for the benefit of Rothschild European Banks: the same banks the founding fathers prohibited, by prohibiting a Central Bank in the Constitution.

Watch the movie “America: From Freedom to Fascism” at Freedom to Fascism

But, you may ask, if that’s true, why are people going to jail?
Irwin Schiff (author of “The Federal Mafia”), Lynne Meredith (author of the book “Vultures in Eagle’s Clothing”), and Larkin Rose (author of the movie “Theft by Deception”) are now in jail, with many others. Why?
They all tried to argue the facts and the law in court, but the judges just sat atop their podiums, slammed down their gavels and refused to allow them to present the facts and the law to the jury.

Judicial misconduct is the biggest problem, because judges are bribed by the IRS regularly. (check out to try to force judges to obey the law and make them accountable for their wrong actions. shows that the US Congress created Federal “Territorial Courts”, not “Article 3” Courts. The courts don’t give justice, they just give administrative decisions. I personally know of 3 recent wins in court: Joe Bannister, Lynda Wall, and Robert Lawrence.

1) Joe Bannister is an ex-IRS agent, and he won because his reputation even within the IRS was impeccable. He left the IRS because he found that there was no law that required average people to file. His website is m. He is not my first choice for help, though.

2) Lynda Wall proved that the IRS had no jurisdiction, and had her case in federal District Court dismissed. Lynda read the book by Mercier “Invisible Contracts”, and implemented it to revoke all contracts with the government and the banks. Her website is , and she offers to sell Mercier’s book “Invisible Contracts” in it’s entirety, including 2 chapters missing elsewhere. She also uses material from

3) Robert Lawrence just got his case dismissed (federal District Court in Illinois), because the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) of 1995 provides estoppel against the IRS. The 1040, W-2, W-4, and 1099 do not have valid OMB numbers, and the IRS misleads everyone by telling everyone that the IRS must follow the PRA of 1980 (which has no teeth), to try to keep them from finding out about the PRA of 1995, which has teeth. The law requires all government agencies to post not only the OMB number itself on all forms that Citizens must respond to, but also the start date, the expiration date, and the law that requires a Citizen to respond to it. The IRS does not provide any of that info, even the OMB number is bogus, and was never supplied by the OMB. (All forms and laws that apply to Citizens of the individual states must be printed in the Federal Register, Title 26 (the IRS Code) was never printed there, and the 1040, W-2, @-4, and 1099 were never printed there).

Please read Why you are not required to file before you do anything more.
Also, get the Book Theft By Deception – watch Movie at Theft By Deception movie
View the movie Freedom to Fascism

For those of you that want to get copies of the USA Today articles on Income Tax, you can order 500 full-size color ads at 10 cents each (you can’t color print them for that) [= $50]. Or you can download a color PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file to print in color or black and white (on Ledger 11×17 paper, if you want to read it) at
The text and heading of the USA Today of 3/2/2001 (in a handier format) at
irs/USA010302.htm and
The USA Today of March 23, 2001 (in this handier format) at:
(Why you are not required to file)
The USA Today of Feb 16, 2001 (in this handier format) at:
(ex-IRS Agents that Defected)
The USA Today of July , 2000 in HTML is at:

A “Notice of Tax Lien” is fraudulently filed with the County Recorder. A Tax Lien must be signed by a judge to be complete (“Perfected”), but the IRS and State Tax agencies like the California FTB don’t bother with the law. They file a Notice of Tax Lien with the County Recorder, usually unsigned, stating that a Tax Lien is in their possession (when they actually don’t have one – they would need a judge’s signature to complete one). They fraudulently file these with the Credit Reporting Agencies (Equifax, Experian, and Trans-Union), by substituting non-court data into court fields. If you have a Credit Report with a Tax Lien, you will find that the fields “Docket #”, “Court Type” and “Plaintiff” are filled with the Recorder’s File Number, “recorder of Deeds”, and “Internal Revenue Service”, when no court case with that data exists. You can read more at Dispute the bogus Liens with each Credit Reporting Agency.

According to feedback, the best help is:
#1 gives the most complete personalized help I’ve found: they’re in Long Beach, California (near me).
Other Help:
Joe Banister of, an ex-IRS agent has a lot to offer.
We The People Foundation (of NY) with see George Schulz’s article in USA Today (weekend edition, p.A11) – Great Info
The Free Enterprise Society has a lot to offer. has info
(but I don’t agree that their 16th amendment stance will work.) has great legal references)
for California State Franchise Tax Board issues
First, some points on how to win!:
1) Study the facts: read the info on the sites below and other books:
(e.g. Federal Mafia, Vultures in Eagles Clothing, IRS Humbug, etc).
Study the CFR code: 26 1.441-5, 26 1.6041, 26 1.861-8
Study the USC codes: 26USC6051, 26USC3121a, 26USC3401, 26USC3402
Study the court Cases (more) (their rulings clarify points)
2) Give them NO INFORMATION! (you have rights!- force them to prove their claims!)
3) Request FOIA (Freedom of Info Act) and Public Records Act Info.
4) Enforce #3 with court orders.
5) answer all letters timely with letters asking for their evidence.
6) Request a hearing on the (proposed) lien.
7) At the hearing, give no info, only request evidence that supports their lien.
(Know your rights, but don’t state them or anything else: just ask questions!
(Counter their questions/statements with a question about the evidence: they must
provide evidence for their claim. Don’t let them force you to provide them with more evidence.
If you assert anything, they will say you are a tax protester and force you to say more.)
8) The optimum route is to get the IRS to answer the FOIAs.
(State taxes are based on US Title 26 = IRS gross income)
Best Sites First:
The Best of the Best! Massive Free Info and Advanced Help available, too!
IRS Enrolled Agent Letter: Liability For Income Tax
(for $50, he can write an opinion letter to you: best defense against “Willful Failure to File”
[mail: John J Schlabach,17511 North Greenbluff Rd-Colbert,Washington 99005]
Also another letter from him
** free book and info, good opinion letters as well! (e.g. on definitions, such as “Income”, “liable”, his 6 wins, etc)
Irwin Schiff’s home page (read The Federal Mafia!)
*IRS Info from Jerry Nicolas of Fraud Magazine
TaxTruth 4 You: $10,000 offered to Disprove Info about IRS!

Legal Help
Freedom Law & ALSO: LawSource

More Info:
Never Fear IRS [gone?]
From George Knoblauch of Traitor Within the Gates [gone?]
U.S. Tax Code On-Line
Tax Truth 4 U **

Other Info:
Sovereign Education had lots of tax info
Treasury Secretary is not U.S. Treasury Security, but rather U.N. Secretary
More on the U.N. Secretary
From: “David E. Parsons”


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