Theft of Credit for Written Documents: Tonia Simmonsia Has Been Taking Credit on Scribd For Documents I Wrote!

I have around 180 documents I have written, posted on a website, in order to assist pro se litigants looking for examples of how to write specific documents.  The website is:

I had posted the documents there, and have hoped that people would find them useful.  Over the years, I have been contacted by several people, who had read the documents.  Some of the people commented how helpful the documents were, in assisting them write their own court documents.  That pleases me greatly.

The last couple of years, I found that one particular person had been stealing my documents.  They will change just the style of the case.   In other words, they will change the Plaintiff and defendant.  The following pages, did not even bother to change the names there though.  So, pretty easy to know it is my document.  The other thing about it is, most people have particular phrases, or just write a certain way.  Not to hard to find their own documents.

This person stole this document: Fulton County Wrongful Foreclosure 1


I had contacted in the past about it, but they told me, that since it is considered a “public document” (because it was filed into the public court record), that they can do nothing about the theft of my document.  Now this  Tonia Simmonsia has stolen even more documents.  I hope it makes her feel good, or she gets off on it somehow.  It makes me mad as hell!

At one point, I had gone into scribd, and set some of the documents for purchase only.  I didn’t care about making money on the documents, I was trying to figure out how to keep this by Tonia Simmonsia from stealing my documents, and getting credit for having written them herself.  What kind of asshole does such a thing?  Then, I realized, that setting the documents for purchase, would not allow the people that I posted the documents for, to review and learn from the documents.

What kind of person does these things, and what do they get out of doing it?

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