The Move From

When I moved my blog away from, because they are jerks, I took my domain name and left. I transferred my domain name over to godaddy, where the majority of my 30+ domain names are, and moved my to, where it is today. In the move, I lost some of my pages. It was my own fault. I was too damned mad at 1and1 to be rational, and make sure that everything was set before I moved it.

Don’t do that, if you plan to move, like I did. Do it right. WordPress and godaddy both have been wonderful, and patient with me, and I appreciate that.

Remember, don’t move in haste, take your time, do it right. I just could not take 1and1’s BS any more! They create all these stupid little accounts, and expects you to be billed right to friggin death! Then, when they insist that you have all these different passwords for all these stupid accounts, and you can’t remember all your friggin passwords, you’re screwed.

Anyway, I am working on getting it together here. I had a lot of views while with 1and1 and hope I don’t lose my people, but I could not take the bullshit anymore.

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