Heard It Through The Grapevine

 I recently learned that in Forsyth County Georgia, an investigation has begun on the crooked foreclosure mill attorneys in Georgia.  YEA!!!

Wow, there has been continual violations of Georgia’s real property laws ever since Foreclosure Hell began, and should it be proven that these attorneys, signing their names as every bank’s employees, which we know they aren’t maybe the tides will be turning!!!

One thought on “Heard It Through The Grapevine

  1. We recently learned that the Forsyth County Georgia detective that had promised to investigate and do something about the law breakers, weenied out. Whether he got paid off, or threatened is irrelevant. He promised. He also has an oath of office that he has now violated.
    Funny thing though. The law firm Shapiro & Swertgfger where Philip A Hasty and the other lawyer that robosigns documents all the time, had informed the Forsyth County Superior Court in the on-going lawsuit, that they talked with the Forsyth County law enforcement and they were assured that there was no investigation either on-going or past. I only wonder how much it cost S & P to buy a detective…

    Forsyth County Sux, just like DeKalb County Sux!

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